Art Department Apparel

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“The Art Department is amazing! Phil and his crew are always friendly and willing to help. All my ordered apparels look great and even if I make rush orders, they would have things done on time. Phil politely responds to my questions via email right away and all his products are outstanding. The quality is worth any cost!! The Art Department is the BEST!!!”

Christine C.

“The owner, Phil, is always accommodating, honest and helpful. He tells it like it is and recommends products based on many years of working with his products and vendors. He is fast, and his products last. You can re-order a certain product without a setup fee within 12 months of your last order. You can find a guy who can do it for $8/shirt, but you know what? You’re going to get a $1 value shirt that fades and peels within 3 months. Phil’s stuff lasts years and that quality is worth any cost.”

Joe J.